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Friday, 23 March 2012

Hairlight of the Day: Cinni

Yes, hair does grow!!! I just had to say that... I have heard so many people say that their hair is not growing. I hear some say "we cut our hair at the same time, how come hers is longer than mine." Another one I hear a lot is "My hair has been the same length for ages." Some seem to think that only certain races/ethnicities will have long hair. I am not a hair scientist but I bet genetics may have a little to do with it, but also your hair just needs to some TLC (Tender, Love, & Care). I had a chance to ask Cinni from the Candidcinni blog about her natural hair woes. She believes one thing about natural hair is you need patience..I definitely agree. Patience is truly a virtue. Other than that, check out what she had to say about the how,why,and when she became natural!!

Introduce yourself
Hello all! I’m Cinni :) I’m currently pursuing my bachelors in Dance in the UK. I’m from Florida/Jamaica. Long story but big ups to my yahdies! :) 

Why did you choose to go natural
I chose to go natural because I missed having big hair. I’ve been natural for most of my life, only getting a relaxer when I was 14 and started growing it out at 17. I got bored of the perm life. I would wear my hair in curls/waves a lot when it was permed because I loved the volume I got from those styles.

Describe your hair in 1 word

When and how did you transition to natural hair
I got my last relaxer in June 2009 and transitioned for 9 months. Did the BC March 22, 2010. For most of my transition period, I would wear my hair straight. Every week, I would wash, blow dry and then flat iron my hair. Not so good for my new growth but I didn’t really know what to do until I came across natural hair websites. I would try to lessen the heat but I got annoyed with the 2 hair textures so snip snip is what I did (rather the hair dresser did)

What is your hair regimen
I wash my hair weekly... bi weekly depending on how i feel but usually weekly. I shampoo, condition, detangle and deep condition. When all that is done, I normally put my hair in a couple of braids then wear a braid out for the week with my hair in one for most of the time. 

Do you think “going natural” is a trend and if so, how long do you think it will last?
I think it is a trend because a lot of women are doing it nowadays but I think it is something that will last. Not everyone that goes natural will stay natural but it is something that will be around years from now.

If you were trapped on an island and could only take 3 products, what would they be
Well... I figure coconuts would be on the island so I wouldn’t need to bring coconut oil (loovveee this stuff). I’d figure a way of using them to nourish my hair. Ahm.. nothing? Lol. I’m trapped on an island. I could care less about hair products. I would have water and coconuts so I’m good lol.

Did you have any hair inspirations while transitioning to natural, if so, who?
I did! I had Chime (haircrush on youtube) before she was on Youtube. I admired her long transition and I was striving for that but I couldn’t even make it to a year :/ Also Nicole of MopTop Maven. I miss her and her blog posts. 

Is there a blog or webpage where someone can find you
Yes yes. You can find me at - I post when I can about my hair and other randomness. I’m also on tumblr at - that’s just straight up randomness and you can tweet me at @cinnirox =)

Words of Hairdom 
Be patient. The first year or so is hard, you want your hair to look like the people you see on the blogs but it takes time. Love your hair at every stage it goes through. Right now I wish I did more with my hair when I first cut off my relaxed ends. Also know that water is your friend, not the enemy.

Please feel free to leave your comments below. If you would like to be the next Hairlight of the Day send an email to Until next time, love yourself, love your hair, and be loved!!

Peace & Hair 
Yemi Adé

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